1 = Matfield Green

The Bank Art Space

Managed by Derek and Katherine, the Bank is Ground Zero for the Tallgrass Artist Residency. This is where the group exhibitions are held in the Fall. Stop by and say hello!

Matfield Station

Owned by Bill and Julia McBride, Matfield Station is a historic Santa Fe Railroad bunkhouse, renovated with a modernist prairie aesthetic. Matfield Station has three guest rooms and is a short walk to the Bank Art Space. It’s also just next door to Bill’s sculpture studio and the McBride’s home.

Prairieside Cottage & Outpost

This lovely cottage is owned by Laura Berman and her husband, who also host artists apart from the Tallgrass Residency. Laura is a professor at Kansas City Art Institute, and an enthusiastic supporter of the arts and rural life in Matfield Green.

2 = Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Strong City, KS

Over ten thousand acres of native tallgrass prairie are preserved here for the public. Multiple trails allow pedestrian access into some of the farthest reaches of the preserve, out of sight from any cars, roads or buildings. The preserve is jointly owned by the National Park Service and the Nature Conservancy, and offers friendly, helpful staff.

3 = The Volland Store, Volland, KS

Built in 1913 as a mercantile in Volland, KS, the Volland Store got a major facelift in 2014. Owner Patty Reece converted the old mercantile building into an art gallery, workshop and loft space for hosting artists and events. As another excellent contemporary art venue in central Kansas, we are glad to have the Volland Store as a partner for 2017.

4 = Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, Manhattan, KS

Located on the edge of the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan, KS, the Beach Museum is a valuable institution in exhibiting and promoting regional art and artists. The Beach hosts the annual Tallgrass Artist Symposium, at which participating artists-in-residence present their work and experiences from the residency program.