A Residency Program Inspired By Prairie & Place

The Tallgrass Artist Residency, with support from the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, is centered in the small community of Matfield Green, KS near the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. We also work with partners in Alma (The Volland Store) and Manhattan, Kansas (Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art).

This residency seeks to create connection and conversation across the Great Plains by inviting applicants who currently live in a place that is ecologically considered prairie (though it may be paved and urbanized!). Ideal applicants will have a strong body of work with a voice that reflects the artist’s own community; a dedication to place, and an interest in participating in a contemporary dialogue. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and career levels, media and practice.

The Tallgrass Prairie

Though only a fraction of the unique tallgrass ecosystem remains, the prairie has been instrumental in constructing a narrative and identity of the North American Midwest. Given the prairie’s geographic location, this vast sea of grass has remained significant to the people’s who have occupied it. From ‘first nation’ communities to European settlers, this vast sea of grass has proved to be an invaluable resource to cities as far apart as Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, and Dallas. Urban communities have continually relied on prairie resources to establish themselves, as well as the many farming and ranching communities of the Midwest that support the majority of the country’s agricultural production.

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